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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol focuses its Aerospace Education efforts in two primary areas: external education and internal education.  External education engages with members of the public.  Through these efforts CAP:

  • Informs the general public about aviation and space activities.
  • Has supported thousands of AE workshops for teachers at colleges and universities around the country for over 40 years.
  • Maintains close working relationships with local education agencies and several national organizations such as the FAA, NASA and the Air Force Association to facilitate aerospace education in our schools.
  • Plans and co-sponsors the annual National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, held in different cities around the country. NCASE is the national convention for aerospace educators.
  • CAP’s internal aerospace education program focuses on CAP’s own members.  This program focuses on:
  • Educating CAP cadets and senior members on aviation and space activities.
  • Supporting cadet and senior members by providing trips to conventions, airports, military bases, the Kennedy Space Center, and other related places of aerospace interest.

More about Aerospace Education- National Headquarters link

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