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Joint All Hazard Awareness & Assessment Exercise (JAHAAX)

May 20, 2024 - May 23, 2024

Major Jeff Ironfield ( jeffrey.ironfield@cawgcap.org )
Sacramento McClellan Airport (KMCC)

Joint All Hazard Awareness and Assessment Exercise (JAHAAX) run by the California National Guard and supported many state and federal agencies. Two days of exercises are planned: an earthquake day and a fire day. CAP will participate in both using imaging and SAR platforms.

1. Provide one Waldo aircraft and crew to complete damage assessment imaging of an area affected by the simulated earthquake. Recover to KMCC for data upload.

2. Provide one SAR aircraft and crew to provide SAR services in El Dorado National Forest per scenario.

3. Provide one Nikon-equipped aircraft and crew to capture imagery as assigned by exercise controllers. Recover to KMCC for image processing.

4. Provide one FLIR-equipped aircraft and crew to capture imagery of fire-affected areas as assigned by exercise controllers. Downlink imagery in real-time using assigned systems determined by the exercise controllers.

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